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 How to report VIOLATORS!

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PostSubject: How to report VIOLATORS!   Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:42 pm

For those who are new and wish to report on this Topic here are the procedures:

1. Try to create an account with any picture upload sites. i.e.: Photobucket, youtube, imageshack.etc..
Upload the screenshot to that site and get/copy the IMG link
3. open a thread in this link HACKER Abuses here! -
4. Entitle it with the name of the violator.
5. On the first line as well indicate
Character: Blablabla
Violation: Vack hack

6. Then paste the links from Photobucket
7. submit.
and your set.

Please note : Process 4 and 5 are essential and compulsory to epedite process your report.
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How to report VIOLATORS!
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