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 Sk3ptic Application For GM

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PostSubject: Sk3ptic Application For GM   Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:33 pm

1) What is your ingame name of ALL characters?
ATM None, Cuz im extracting it. It will be MaGiKzZ.

2) What is the name of ALL guilds your characters are in?
 None ATM, as I havn't chosen any guild.

3) If you had to name 3 of your closest in-game friends who would they be? ( Character names?)
 Friends? hmmm i don't know anyone yet, but i'm gonna meet everyone and hopefully have couple of besties.

4) How old are you?
 I'm 19 atm.

5) Where do you live and what is your UTC/GMT timezone? What languages do you speak?
 I'm from UK, GMT +0, I speak alot of languages - English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, German and bit of french.

6) How long have you been a player here on Thunder-Dekaron?
 I'm new and want to play till the end.
7) Have any of your characters EVER been jailed on Thunder-Dekaron and WHY?
 Nope, and Nope for any other pserver i've played.

8. Why do you think you will make a good GM?
 Why? becuase i have alot expeince in working as a GM,HGM and ADMIN at Under, New Moon, Ice, Titan, Dawn Dekarons, if u want a refference you can ask Zlat.
 I've have the right materials to make this server popular with other player e.g. Photoshop, After Effects, Fraps, and other advertising materials.
 Also the forums host your using, i've had the same forums host and this makes it easier for me to Moderate the forums, as i have expert level with the Admin panel.

9) What is your favorite thing about the Thunder-Dekaron community? / What is your least favorite thing about the Thunder-Dekaron community?
 The fav things i like about this server is that - This is a small community and it's much more fun when its small, can be managed easily, The two staff are friendly.

10) If you could add a new rule to Thunder-Dekaron what would it be? / If you could take a rule away what would it be?
   I think i won't be needed to take a rule away as the rules which you have currently are prefect.

11) If you see someone in game and they are causing a huge disruption in game ie: name hacking, using a GM's name, scamming players, coming back on multiple characters what course of action do you take?
   If i saw one like this, first off i will make screenshot, then record the whole thing, then IP ban the player as he violated the in game rule which as been laid. The reason why i took a video and SS is because when he come to ask for a ban request i can show him why exatly was he banned for.

I'm also a GFX artist if u wanna see my showcase click here [][/url]
Hope to hear from you soon.

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Sk3ptic Application For GM
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