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 R2D2 Application

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PostSubject: R2D2 Application   Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:21 am

1) What is your ingame name of ALL characters?
My characters are R2D2,GreeNMInD,PerFecTiNsanitY

2) What is the name of ALL guilds your characters are in?
R2D2 is on GreeNHD,PerFecTiNsanytY is on Norulz

3) If you had to name 3 of your closest in-game friends who would they be? ( Character names?)

4) How old are you?
I am 23 years old

5) Where do you live and what is your UTC/GMT timezone? What languages do you speak?
I live in Bulgaria,currently Summer time zone GMT+3,after that the normal one is GMT+2.I speak English and Bulgarian.

6) How long have you been a player here on Thunder-Dekaron?
Well i started yestarday Smile

7) Have any of your characters EVER been jailed on Thunder-Dekaron and WHY?
I never been jailed on any server

8. Why do you think you will make a good GM?
I can offer much fun events ,i have big imagination Razz

9) What is your favorite thing about the Thunder-Dekaron community? / What is your least favorite thing about the Thunder-Dekaron community?
Well so far i see that community is friendly and helpfull ,i dont have nothing bad to tell about them Smile

10) If you could add a new rule to Thunder-Dekaron what would it be? / If you could take a rule away what would it be?
I think no rule need to be added or removed ,i like them the way they are:)

11) If you see someone in game and they are causing a huge disruption in game ie: name hacking, using a GM's name, scamming players, coming back on multiple characters what course of action do you take?
1st Jail for 24 h , if he keep doing same things 3 day Ban and if He continue IpBan
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PostSubject: Re: R2D2 Application   Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:21 pm

Cool +1.
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R2D2 Application
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