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 Carnage Application

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PostSubject: Carnage Application   Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:22 pm

1) What is your ingame name of ALL characters?
2) What is the name of ALL guilds your characters are in?
3) If you had to name 3 of your closest in-game friends who would they be? ( Character names?)
4) How old are you?
5) Where do you live and what is your UTC/GMT timezone? What languages do you speak?
Im From Philippines, GMT+8 and i can fully speak english.
6) How long have you been a player here on Thunder-Dekaron?
Im just a new player here, but ive been playing Dekaron for 3 years.
7) Have any of your characters EVER been jailed on Thunder-Dekaron and WHY?
No, since i still dont have char in Thunder.
8. Why do you think you will make a good GM?
i will be bec. i can help the server be Advertised and lots of player will join.
9) What is your favorite thing about the Thunder-Dekaron community? / What is your least favorite thing about the Thunder-Dekaron community?
I like it all.
10) If you could add a new rule to Thunder-Dekaron what would it be? / If you could take a rule away what would it be?
Insulting/Harrasing would be talked and there are no rules to be removed since everything is perfect.
11) If you see someone in game and they are causing a huge disruption in game ie: name hacking, using a GM's name, scamming players, coming back on multiple characters what course of action do you take?
I would jail every char he makes and talk to the owner and let him decide the solution.
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Carnage Application
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